Clean air is vital to your health


VentMask removes dust, pollen, pet dander and other allergens trapped in your air ducts...before you breathe them in.

Simple Peel-N-Stick design make VentMask the best solution to having clean air in both your home or hotel.

VentMask Adhesive Vent Register Air Filters

VentMask Adhesive Vent Register Air Filters


What is the VentMask?  VentMask is an affordable room air filter that is great for homes, hotel rooms, travel, children's rooms and much more!  The VentMask is placed over vent registers or air intake registers for cleaner and healthier air. The slim white frame make VentMask unobtrusive and almost invisible when applied. The pink and blue frames compliment any nursery! 

VentMask is extremely easy to use and needs no tools to install. You do not have to remove the vent register which eventually will cause damage to your drywall.  Just Peel-N-Stick over your vent register and VentMask immediately starts to remove dust, pollen, pet and rodent dander and other common allergens found built up in air ducting thus providing you with cleaner healthier air. Watch the video below and you'll see how easy VentMask is to use. Just Peel-N-Stick!

Other room air filters can be loud, costly and take up a lot of space in your home.  VentMask effectively remove over 95% of contaminates in your home heating and cooling systems.  They are so easy to install you will start seeing benefits immediately. 

Protect them from allergens. Give your family the clean air they deserve.

Protect them from allergens. Give your family the clean air they deserve.

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According to the EPA, "Indoor air pollutants are among the top five environmental health risks" facing Americans today.  Unwanted and harmful materials circulate through the air and cause a variety of harmful effects.  Placing room air filters in every room of your home can help. VentMasks are easy, fast and affordable room air filters that are a great solution to combat these harmful pollutants.

Reliable allergy air filters are a top priority for many who suffer from indoor and seasonal allergies. VentMask room air filters are the most affordable, easy and portable options for safer cleaner air on the market today.  Over 50 million Americans, suffer from allergies and early 30 million have asthma related symptoms.  

Why suffer when room air filters like the Vent Mask can help?


Stop suffering and try the VentMask today! 

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