Want less allergies?...Naturally!


I was reading up on allergy myths last night, and this really caught my attention. Why? Well I assumed it was true because I heard it from 3 trusted sources (my mom, my grandma & the hippy friend I snowboard with who knows all things health related).

Myth: Allergies are harmless

Reality:  Allergies are a serious problem and should not be ignored. Untreated allergies have a significant impact on quality of life. Allergic rhinitis (hay fever) for example, results in poor quality sleep, fatigue and daytime sleepiness. Adults find it harder to think and function at work, suffer from greater absenteeism and more work-related injury. They are more irritable and moody than healthier people and find it harder to make important decisions. School-aged children with allergic rhinitis can do poorly in examinations and often cannot recall information taught during class. Untreated allergies can also worsen other chronic respiratory problems such as asthma, sinusitis and skin disorders such as eczema and urticaria (hives).


I was told “Use a natural ways to lessen your allergies, you shouldn’t take those antihistamines EVERY DAY!”.  Here are some of the debunked old wives tales of natural allergy remedies I heard of and found on the web. Neti Pots, eating organic honey, acupuncture, eat quail eggs, apple cider vinegar……and my two favorites(which I found on the web)…VISIT A SALT MINEOR PARASIDIC WORMS! Seriously…Google the salt mine and worm ones there are folks who offer those remedies… if you’d like to try them out.

Best way to naturally lessen allergies? Lessen the allergens in your environment, at least the environment you can control, like your home or office.