Mighty Mites

Have you ever seen a dust mite? I haven’t, you know why? Because they are not visible to the human eye! So for those of you who would like to see a dust mite but don’t have a microscope here’s a nice picture of shat they look like.


Have red, itching bumps on the skin? Are you scared of dust mite bites? Don’t worry, they DON’T bite people. Surprised?

Dust mites are those types of insects that adore eating dead skin of humans. They don’t suck your blood. Dandruff, dead skin and hair are the only things they want. However, many people complain of having dust mite bites in the form of red, itchy bumps. The reactions they have to these bites are similar to mosquito or bed bug bites’ reactions. 
The red and itchy skin is in fact an allergic reaction to the proteins found in waste products (feces) of dust mites. Allergens, which are produced by dust mites often, cause skin reactions and irritations that can resemble insect bites.

Remember, dust mites are so tiny that it is impossible to see them by the naked eye. They live in mattresses, pillows, carpets and furniture and in your air ducts where there is a nice layer of dust (by the way dust is made up of mostly dead skin between 75%-90% according to research). They breed on dead skin cells of humans. We always have dead skin on us and this is the MAIN REASON of having dust mites in places we live in. The droppings of dust mites are the most dangerous as they often lead to breathing problems.

Allergy is the most common symptom caused by these tiny insects. There is a huge number of people who react to dust mites’ feces. Stuffy nose, asthma, skin rash, itchy eyes, wheezing and many other symptoms are all those allergic reactions they can suffer from.

Dust mites cannot bite but they DO cause allergic reactions. By using good anti-allergen products and keeping the house clean you can always take control over them. Since there's no way to completely clean your air ducts using extra filtration like VentMask vent register air filters will remove dust mites and dust mite feces before it can be introduced into your room and cause you allergies.

Wishing you the best health…TheVentMaskTeam.