Costume Concerns?

Trick or Treating is just around the corner and I started pulling out costumes from boxes in our storage unit, much to my allergies irritation. It got me to thinking about Halloween costumes packed away in a box for months can be laden with dust mites, which could trigger an allergic or asthmatic response. So be sure to wash any dusty or hand-me-down costumes in hot water.

I did some research about other allergies that can happen during this fun time of the year. Here is what I found.

I learned you should watch out for nickel in costume accessories such as cowboy belts, magic wands, pirate swords, and tiaras. Nickel can cause allergic contact dermatitis, making for an itchy, bumpy, uncomfortable kids...I did not know that!

Cheap Halloween makeup may include preservatives that can cause allergic reactions, such as a rash or swelling. Opt for higher-quality theater makeup, and test it on a small area of your child's skin well before Halloween...did not know that either.

Pumpkin allergies, while rare, can cause itching, chest tightness, and other symptoms, and can appear suddenly, even if there has never been a problem before. Also keep in mind that pumpkin patches are often moldy and dusty, and are thus an allergy and asthma trigger for some...HOLY COW I DID NOT KNOW THAT!

If your young one is asking for colorful, vampire-inspired contact lenses, consider the warning from the Food and Drug Administration before saying yes. Never buy the lenses from places that sell them without a prescription, such as street vendors, salons, novelty stores, and the internet. An eye doctor should measure each eye to properly fit the lenses and evaluate how the eye responds to contact lenswear. A poor fit can cause serious eye damage, including cornea scratches and infection, conjunctivitis (pinkeye), decreased vision, and even blindness...YIKES! guess what I did not know that. 

If you're planning to use a fog machine at your Halloween party, keep in mind that fog can trigger asthma in some people...Ok I knew that.

My realization is...I only knew 1/5th of the dangers of dressing up in costumes for Halloween. So be careful but have FUN out Trick-or-Treating on Halloween night!!

Wishing you the best health...TheVentMaskTeam