Its not me it's you....

During this crazy 2016 Presidential election Hillary Clinton there was a moment where she interrupted her stump speech involuntarily in a coughing spell...and wryly blamed the incident on GOP rival Donald Trump.

"Every time I think about Trump I get allergic," said the Democratic nominee in the midst of her coughing outbreak. Tim Kaine clapped while the audience laughed in response...they got a good giggle out of it but I guess none of them are laughing now. 


BUT this is not about where you stand in the political circles. 


My question is can you really be allergic to a person? I have often quipped "Iam allergic to work!". Perspective is reality I always say. 


Anyway back to our original subject. 


Can a person really be allergic to another person? Yes, actually. There are several ways you can be allergic to your significant other, AWESOME because dating and relationships aren't hard enough without adding another hurdle. 


There's allergic reaction to human hair but that's very rare and I hear there was only one documented case....a barber no less. There's also skin reactions and if you breakout in a rash when you are touched by your partner it most like what's called allergic contact dermatitis. 


These are the two that would be most depressing and probably deal breakers for some. 


Kissing can be a dangerous act when you have severe allergies if you find yourself allergic to your partner's saliva. Saliva allergies are less about the actual saliva, and more about what's in the saliva. For example, if you're allergic to a certain food and your partner eats it, you can trigger an allergic reaction. So if your partner has food allergies you need to make sure your ready to give the foods they are allergic. In some cases WORTH IT…and in others maybe not so much.

You can be allergic to another persons sperm, according to Marjorie Slankard, M.D., clinical professor of medicine at Columbia University Medical Center in an article for Family Doctor Mag. If you are one of the rare people who suffers this allergy, you could experience everything from burning and tingling after sex, to full-on anaphylactic shock. Luckily, if you use condoms you have nothing to worry about on the allergy front. Unless you're also allergic to latex. Just get latex free and your home free. 

So if you have any of those allergies check with your doctor to see what you can do to help your situation. Good luck out there all you single folks, I am hoping never to be back in the dating pool ever again!