Allergy used as a criminal I'm not joking.

This is an actual headline I found in the Huffington Post. I am not sure if I am horrified or amused, I guess I am horrifically amused..if there is such a thing. I mean really folks its 2016! I am insulted that you would use allergies to justify this type of behavior....or any other reason for that matter.

Anyway I wanted to blog about it because it struck me as so very odd. I guess you can draw your own conclusions but can't we all just get along?!

Andy Benavidez, Accused In Racist Assault, Claims He’s ‘Allergic To Black People’

He reportedly wore a surgical mask during the fight so he wouldn’t catch germs.

An Iowa man who was wearing a surgical mask when he allegedly attacked a black man told police it was because he’s “allergic to black people.” 

Andy Benavidez, 47, allegedly used racial slurs during the fight, which took place in Iowa City on Sunday, according to CBS 2 Iowa. 

The victim has not been publicly named.

Police say Benavidez told them he wore the mask so he wouldn’t catch germs from black people, the station reported.

A police log says Benavidez has been charged with assault in violation of individual rights, which is a hate crime under state code. In this case, the specific charge is a serious misdemeanor.

It’s not clear when his next court appearance will be or if he has an attorney.