Workouts..lose pounds and your allergies!

  It's too bad you can’t run away from or exercise out your allergies, however a regular workout helps manage symptoms, and it makes you feel way better about that slice of pizza you devoured for lunch.

My allergies make me sniffly and sneezy, and after a while of suffering from symptoms I feel just plain worn down and un-energetic. Studies have shown that exercise can help to lessen allergy symptoms. Why?... Because with an improved and stimulated blood flow through your body allergens are moved faster to the elimination processes of your kidneys and skin. 

A lack of exercise results in a sluggish blood flow. Stagnant allergens gather in a fixed position, which begins to destroy the tissues around them. Constant movement of the allergens through the blood stream prevents these delicate tissues from becoming inflamed.

Ok I am not a gym rat...I don't like most gyms where its a social fest or muscle heads grunting and asking "need a spot for that 150 lbs your pressing?" So heres three things I like and only one involves a gym like environment.

I love outdoor sports such as mountain biking and winter sports like snowboarding. In the spring and summer months the satisfaction of pedaling up 1500' of mountain and then the reward of speeding back down is both exhilarating and very healthy for you....unless you crash. I always make sure to have a couple of non-drowsy anti-histamines in my saddle bag in case the pollen levels are high and trigger allergies. In the winter I make sure to get off the beaten path and do in bounds hikes to harder to access areas to go snowboarding.  20-30 of medium intensity uphill hiking in the snow and then snowboarding back down will get your heart rate pumping. Just know the risks of leaving the groomed area of the resort and learn some back country safety before heading off to do this. 

Aquatic exercise is a low-impact activity that takes the pressure off your bones, joints and muscles. Water also offers natural resistance, which can help strengthen your muscles. There are all sort of ways to use water for fitness. I grew up in Hawaii and if you live near the ocean surfing is a great way to stay in shape and the salt water is awesome for clearing sinuses.  Theres also stand up paddle boarding and canoe paddling too! Just swimming laps in the ocean is refreshing and rewarding. No ocean to access no worries! Find your nearest aquatic center for many pool related fitness classes. You can even do aquatic exercise if you don't know how to swim. You might start with water walking.

I also enjoy going to work out at a place called Orange Theory Fitness. I work out up here at the Park City, UT. location but you can find studios all over the U.S.  Its a heart rate base interval training, and man does it work! I like that its based on science to maintain a target for maximum results during your workout and keep your metabolic rate increased for up to 36 hours afterwards. The studios are nice, play great tunes to keep you pumped and trainers are great. You can check them out here to find a studio near you...

Ok so theres my three ways to stay active and get those allergens moving outta my body....ok ok and so I can enjoy that beer and slice of pepperoni without too much guilt too!

Wishing you the best health....G.R. of TheVentMaskTeam