Still relevent 2018

From November 2016... Odor! Odor! Odor in the court! I just shared a 3 hour bus ride to Whistler BC with some very friendly yet interestingly odored folks and decided to re-post this from a couple years ago as it STILL seems to be relevant to 2018! LOL.....

Ok well not really in the court...but in this instance on a airplane.

We were traveling from Copenhagen, Denmark to JFK recently and had the unique opportunity to find ourselves seated smack dab in the center of a group of European visitors headed to the United States.  I am very open to new cultural experiences, that’s why we were traveling in the first place, but I am amiss as to why some people are so avidly against the use of deodorant.  To say that the odors that were impressed upon our oral nasal factories was intense is an understatement. If you have ever had the chance to be around what my wife calls “the granola” crowd you will notice a pungent body odor just under the scent of patchouli oil. (An oil worn as perfume by hippies in lieu of showering or bathing in any way.) 

Is this a personal effort to avoid the health dangers of wearing deodorant? Is it an effort to keep people away and lead a solitary lifestyle? I am sure that each individual will have different reasons for not using a little right guard, from health to cultural reasons, but there are indeed people who may suffer from allergies to deodorant.  

This rather inopportune allergy usually comes rooted alongside a corresponding sensitivity to perfumes or other ingredients in the deodorant or antiperspirant itself. Those who play host to sensitivity towards the substances typically suffer from itchy redness and peeling skin, with hives, pustules, painful pimples, and broken, oozing lesions in more severe instances. All of these issues may be treated in the same manner as other allergies. Obviously, a physical resistance to deodorant poses a threat to basic personal hygiene, as the victim cannot be expected to continue using a product that causes discomfort and damage. However, it is never a good idea to traipse about moistly reeking of the inside of a sneaker, either. Some prescription deodorants may prove valuable, though more serious cases ought to consider viable alternatives such as talcum or baby powder. It is advisable for those finding themselves in the latter situation to carry a small bottle or bag of the stuff to re-apply throughout the day as necessary. There are also "all natural" deodorants you can find by searching on line.

Wishing you the best health and for us all to smell like roses…TheVentMaskTeam.