Do you have ADD?(AllergyDatingDistress)

By: Guy Rawson

 I was having coffee with my buddy who is an allergy wreck.  He is allergic to just about anything you can think of. Dust, pollen, and animal hair…..not to mention his food allergies he’s also lactose intolerant and follows a gluten free diet. So as much as I love this guy, it’s hard to go get lunch without a bit of planning.

Which got me to wondering do his allergies affect his dating life? He’s is engaged to a wonderful girl, so DID it affect his dating life?

According to him it really did.  He said that the constant battle with stopping pollen and dust from triggering his allergies was a constant worry if he had a date.  He even cancelled dates because his allergies were going nuts and he didn’t want to give the impression of being sick or having to blow his nose during the whole evening…”just not polite” he says, and besides who want to give a good night kiss to someone with a red runny snchnoz? His words not mine.I thought cmon’ could allergies really affect your dating life? I mean he found someone to love…she’s a wonderful girl who accepts him for all he is, did allergies even factor into her thought process?

So I asked Kym (names have been changed to protect the innocent) did Brians allergies ever bother her, did she even notice? She said, “ Well I didn’t know Brian even had allergies at first. As we got more serious and spent more time together then I got to learn about his "issues". I don’t think it affected me as much as he thinks it did. There was that time when he was meeting my mom and dad for the first time, we were having dinner at their house and bowed our heads to say grace and about a cup of liquid poured out of his nose. He says it was salt water from surfing that morning…I think it was from him using a netipot before we went over.”

*Note to reader: I promise I did not plan the netipot reference to coincide with our previous netipot blog!

I guess perspective is reality.  But what about others out there with allergies, did it affect their dating lives?  Here are some excerpts from diaries I found by searching Google.

“I went to a local steakhouse that keeps peanuts in huge barrels that they place on tables while you’re waiting for the food. I have a severe allergy to peanut dust, and after about five minutes at the table, I had a disgusting sneezing fit and then a severe asthma attack.” — Lisa, Austin

“I once had a blind date and we went for coffee. The man kept sneezing and his eyes were watering. It got so bad, he couldn’t stay past the first coffee. Turns out he was allergic to my cats, and their hair or scent or something lingered on my clothes.” — Carol, Montreal

 “When my husband and I were engaged, he took me to celebrate at a fancy hotel. That evening, as we lay together in bed, I started having coughing and sneezing fits. Apparently something in the room was causing this reaction. Needless to say, we did not get to ‘officially’ celebrate our engagement, thanks to the constant interruptions!” — Ginger, Spokane, WA

 Ok so yes there is a pretty big community out there with allergies and find they can cause embarrassing and irritating situations.  But hey if Brian can figure out how to get around all his allergies and find love…so can you!

Wishing you the best health & IAQ(IndoorAirQuality)..…TheVentMaskTeam.