Sick or Trick?


by:Guy Rawson

I think my youngest son recently pulled a quick one on me. Probably not the first or last time he does pull the wool over my eyes. My wife had not been feeling well and he pulled the “I think I got what mom had” on me and got to take off a day from school. He slept in, got up ate and started texting and watching youtube, played Xbox….and around 3:30 declared “ahhhh I think I feel better can you take me to water polo practice?” Yep I got suckered alright!

I got to thinking do people use allergies as a reason to play hooky from work? (A quick diversion…"Hookey" (also spelled "hooky") apparently developed from the colloquial phrase "hooky-crooky" common in the early 19th century, which meant "dishonest or underhanded." The connection between the two phrases becomes clearer when we recall that to "play hookey" properly, one had to pretend to go to school. The child would head out the door at the proper time, schoolbooks in hand, and only when safely out of sight of home would the little nipper's true itinerary become evident.)

There are 20 - 50 million Americans who suffer from some form of allergies, and the symptoms of allergies are the number-two reason they call in sick. A 2006 study posted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information found that over half of the 8,267 U.S. employees surveyed by the study reported experiencing allergic rhinitis symptoms, with symptoms lasting an average of 52.5 days per year. They were absent 3.6 days each year because of the condition, and were unproductive 2.3 hours per workday while experiencing symptoms. Average losses per employee per year, considering absenteeism and presenteeism (reporting to work while ill and less productive) amounted to $593—the most costly of all medical conditions evaluated by the study.

Hey!... that’s a lot of money, time lost and tissue used all in the name of allergies. I personally think that 2.3 hours of less productivity from allergies is most concerning to me.

Why?  I’ll tell you why…if people are losing productivity in the work place because of allergies then we are losing productivity at home and in our schools AND while we are on VACATION, we are losing precious time to allergy symptoms!

So I guess there’s a portion of people who might use allergies to fake a day out of the office and play hookey. But theres lots who actually suffer from allergies and those allergies affect job performance and cost us all quite a bit of money making this a serious affliction for employers and employees alike.

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Wishing you the best health & IAQ(IndoorAirQuality)..…TheVentMaskTeam.