Repunzel, Repunzel let down your nose hair!

Every year I notice more and more hair coming from areas I don’t want hair coming from…most noticeably MY NOSE!


These hairs really wouldn’t bother me, it’s because my wife has the unfortunate viewing pleasure of the newly acquired nasal hair, that they are a source of consternation to me. She will remind me when its time to do some control measures (about every two weeks or so) and usually require that I let her take the tweezers and pluck the ones she can see, and “if shes gonna do nose hairs then lets just do the ears while we are at it.” I do not enjoy having hair plucked from my face, and whats worse is the whimpering and whining make me look like an even bigger wuss while it is happening. Yep I am a hairy whimpering whiny wuss when it comes to plucking facial hair…I make no apologies, it hurts!

What exactly do nose hairs do? They strain out the nasty stuff we breathe in. It's like an air filter in your house, says Justin Turner, an otolaryngologist (short, sort of, for otorhinolaryngologist, Greek for ear (oto), nose (rhino), and throat (laryng)) at Stanford University. Nose hairs trap dirt, viruses, bacteria and toxins until we blow them out, sneeze, or swallow.  Nose hair is just the first line of defense, though. Cilia, very small hairlike strands in our nose, constantly wave back and forth. (They keep waving even after we die, but at a steadily decreasing rate, so forensic scientists use them to determine time of death.) Cilia sweep dusty and potentially dangerous molecules toward our throat, where they collect in a glob of mucus that we either cough up or swallow. If we swallow it, stomach acids will destroy most of the harmful material.  So its important to have nose hairs….I have passed on this information in hopes of rendering the bi-weekly torture of plucking as harmful to my health.  Nope…I am told by the hair hater that I better find a solution that will not affect my health. Because as a hair hater she refuses to view such an unpleasantry however I am also not allowed to die from some strange air borne fungus leaving her to raise our children alone.


I have found out that plucking is actually not the best way to go about removing nose hairs. "Pulling the fibers can cause a bad infection," says Robert Pincus, an otolaryngologist at the New York Sinus Center. "Your nose is not a sterile place." YES! Plucking eliminated!


I suggest a electric nose hair trimmer. Search “nose hair trimmer” in Google and you will find a variety of battery powered trimmers for nose and ear hair. They are inexpensive and cut the hair back instead of ripping them out of your orifices.  This is way more comfortable and humane than plucking or WAXING. Yes…waxing your nose hairs is offered by cosmetologists, price for this torture is $15 on average. I have not tried this but theres  a video at the bottom of this blog, and after watching it I decided trimming is the best way to go for me.

There are also facial hair scissors with special rounded tips that make nose hair control safe. Just Google up “nose hair scissors”…you will find one that suits your needs quite easily.


Good luck and happy trimming, just remember don’t completely remove those nose hairs they keep you healthy. Trim them back so they are not visible to the public and your loved ones, but keep some to keep healthy.


Wishing you the best health….TheVentMaskTeam.