This fires a pain in the Butte....

Although we are being light with our title, this Butte County wildfire is nothing to joke about. To make a long story short folks.. the wild fire that started from one little camp fire in Butte County California is causing a lot of destruction and very bad air quality for lots and lots of people. The fire has destroy 6,500 homes and scorched 109,000 acres and the smoke is affecting breathing miles and miles from the actual fire.


The Camp Fire in Butte County is just one of three major fires burning across California - It has claimed 23 lives and is now the most destructive fire in state history.

Witness a firenado by clicking the video to the right.



The smoke and soot that travel on the high winds that are rapidly spreading this fire are evident everywhere.

At 1 p.m. in downtown Santa Rosa on Friday, the streetlights were turned on. They overlooked a district where people usually eat lunch outdoors, but tables remained unoccupied.

At the Beer Baron Restaurant, they had to wipe off soot and ash from tables, chairs and inside areas of the restaurant. Establishments that had outdoor seating surely couldn’t have diners sitting in those conditions will that will mean a dent in their business and earnings in the foreseeable future.


School playgrounds typically bustling with kids at noon were empty. San Francisco Unified ordered every school to keep kids from playing outdoors.

Dogs and their owners were out at Point Isabel in Richmond, Calif., on Saturday, but it wasn't the usual crowd. Many likely stayed away because of poor air quality due to smoke from the Camp Fire in Butte County.



The Bay Area Air Quality Control Management District advises people to take it easy and stay indoors.

"There's really no areas in the Bay Area that are healthy to breathe air, so we're telling people to stay indoors and limit your time outside," said Walter Wallace, a spokesperson for the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.


"We've been monitoring the air quality for San Francisco and we know that right now it's not at a healthy level, so we want to make sure that kids are kept indoors," explained Laura Dudnick, spokesperson for the San Francisco Unified School District.




Again this fire will cause breathing problems for those with allergies, asthma and any kind of respiratory ailments. The advise from local agencies are all the same “stay indoors and take it easy”.


For all of you who are suffering from the Butte County wildfires all of us here at VentMask wish you the best, and pray for your safe keeping during this terrible fire.


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